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Abstract Guidelines

01.  General

Word documents only

(.doc or .docx)

1 inch margins

Arial font, 12pt.

02.  Title

Bold font

Capitalize the first letter of each word

except prepositions, articles,

and species names

No punctuation at the end of the title unless it ends with a question mark

Insert one blank line between

Title and Authors

03.  Authors

Full first, middle, and last names

Separate author names with commas

If presenting author is not first author,

precede presenter's name with (*)

Indicate affiliation(s) with superscript numbers after each author's name

04.  Affiliations

Italicize font

Precede each affiliation by a superscript number

Include Department, Institute, City

Insert one blank line between

Affiliation and Abstract

05.  Abstract

200 word maximum

Single space

06.  Save File

Word documents only

(.doc or .docx)

Filename consists of

registration confirmation number, presenter's last name, and first name separated by underscores:


Note for poster presenters: Posters should be 48'' (122cm) wide by 36'' (92cm) tall
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